• levantes

    The levant (Catalan: Llevant, Italian: Levante, Maltese: Lvant, Greek: Λεβάντες, Spanish: Levante) is an easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean Sea. When blowing moderately or strongly, the levant causes heavy swells on the Mediterranean. Usually gentle and damp, the levant frequently brings clouds and rain. When it brings good weather, it is known as […]

  • maistrali

    Featuring elegant decoration in blue color hues, maistrali was named after the strong, cold and northwesterly wind that blows from southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the northern Mediterranean. The mistral (Catalan: Mestral, Greek: Μαΐστρος) is most common in the winter and spring, and strongest in the transition between the two seasons. Periods of the wind […]

  • meltemi


  • ostria

    Ostro (Catalan: Migjorn, Greek: Όστρια) is the traditional Italian name of a southerly wind in the Mediterranean Sea and it is described as a warm and humid wind that often carries rain. Its name is derived from the Latin name Auster, which also meant a southerly wind and is part of the etymology of Australia. That is […]

  • tramontana

    tramontana maisonette